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Sweet Sweet Larson Family…{what a pleasure}


I absolutley admire and adore them! They are just so kind and giving and have helped my family many times when we were in need. They have the most loving hearts and I just think the WORLD of them! It was my pleasure to be able to photograph them in all thier sweet sweet glory!

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Crew Again… {can’t get enough}

It is hard to get work done with this little angel at my side all the time. He is fussing at this very momnet because he knows that I am working and not paying attention to him. But, that is okay…I am so blessed to be able to stop what I am doing becasue nothing needs me as much as he does right now. His wish is my command and I am endulging in that. He is one spoiled baby.
These are my FAVORITE baby shots that I got of him

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I loved having my very own model.
We did lots of fun stuff with him and he slept the whole way through.
Outfit {or hat}Change!
Here is how his announcment turned out..

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HOME… {my baby}


It feels like home
It feels like home with you here


There is peace, a brighter tone
I’ve abandoned all my fear.

You fall into my arms
I stop because I want only this

In this home there is no pain, no harm
Life gets better with every tender kiss

We are happier, we smile more
You are easy and sweet

We just look and adore
Our home feels so much more complete

I sing, you coo
I smile and so do you

 I rock you, I hug you, I squeeze you
I’ll always love my baby Crew


Love, Mom

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