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For My Bestie! ….The Ormsby Family!

This is my BEST friend in the whole wide world! She came down from Utah and spent some time with us. I miss her so much and I wish we were closer but I know that we have our own lives and families that we have to take care of….we are not in high school anymore and we can’t just walk down the street to each other’s houses anymore. Even though we are miles apart I know that I can pick up the phone and it’ll be like high school again…haha.
I love you Whit, and I am so thankful to you for keeping me grounded and allowing me to laugh, cry, and act a little crazy with you. I love your family and I adore your children! Maybe some day we will be across the street from each other again.
Oh and you are GORGEOUS too!!

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Hanna Fardig - October 4, 2012 - 7:50 pm

IM OBSESSED! I love all of these! Crystal! You are so talented!

Bliss & Love…..Natalie & David

Since I only have a few weeks to go on my pregnancy, I have not had a lot of time or energy but I really wanted to post just a few of my favorites from Natalie and David’s Romantic photo shoot.
I appreciate LOVE so much and this couple had plenty to go around. Natalie and David you are perfect…enjoy every minute!

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Party time…Zack is ONE!!

This little one made a yucky gloomy day bright and cheery! He was such a light that day and I am grateful to have been able to hang around him and watch him stuff his face with Birthday Cake! It was the highlight of my day!
Bit of a Momma’s boy…loved that he wanted to just hold her hand and have her close!
 Momma put him down but this was before he taseted the cake….
All Better!!!
Where is my MILK!!

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Nothing Sweeter…Aubree is 6 Days New!

The Sweetest Thing about shooting babies right now is that I am about to welcome my own sweet little one and it just gets me so excited! Jake and April are cousins of ours and they were able to welcome their first child into the world. They are wonderful new parents and you can see the light and joy in their eyes when they look at her.
Aubree, you are one lucky baby girl to have such great parents.

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New Love at the Beach…My Favorite! Kristy and Dave’s Engagements

Kristy and Dave are such a sweet couple, plus they are family which always makes things just a little funner (is that a word?). They were so nervous at first and the pier was just packed with crowds…which didn’t make thier nerves any better. But, as we started shooting, they got so comfortable and it turned out so cute and playful! It was such a beautiful day and Kristy and Dave made it that much better!

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Michelle Packard Bowler - June 28, 2012 - 6:27 pm


F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r