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World Photography Day

Apparently today is World Photography Day. So, I took the advise of one fabulous Jasmine Star and “grabbed my camera and shot something today.” 
So, I recruited my children to help. 
I have been thinking of Baby Ruby a lot lately. Her story has impacted my life in so many ways. It is because of her and her families perspective that I did not hesitate on what I wanted to shoot today. I am most in love with photography when I can capture the happiness and joy of my own family. Sometimes I forget how happy it makes me. I get caught up in getting the job done for others that I skim over the fact that I bought my camera to document our life as a family.
It is when I take picture of them that I don’t care if I am following the rule of thirds, or if my picture is in focus, or that the composition could be better. I fall in love with ever picture I take of them and I want to hang them all up on the walls. I want to remember these sweet faces because right now they are growing way to fast then I’m comfortable with. This time, jumping on the bed, will not be as fun soon and they will not be as easily amused. I want pictures of their toes, their noses, their big beautiful eyes. I want to remember how they smelled through these pictures. I know it is a lot to ask from a picture…but pictures are memories and I can remember their smell and the sound of their giggles and they jumped and then fell on each other.  
So, as I celebrate World Photography Day with my children I am grateful for the fact that my camera is able to capture such sweet moments. I am so thankful for my children and so thankful for Baby Ruby and her family, who taught me to savor moments and SLOW DOWN, have fun! We sing a little more (if that is possible)..we pretend a little more, we hug and kiss a little more…and I take a little more time for my children (period).  All of these moments are tender mercies from the Lord and I am most thankful for that!
Happy World Photography Day!
Thank goodness we have photography because sometimes words just aren’t enough.

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